After Creating A 6 Figure Tutoring Business In His Local Area, The Founder Of Red Star Tuition, Jeevan Singh, Is Looking For A Small Group Of Passionate Individuals To License His Entire Business Model And Help Expand The Operation Into Other Areas Within The UK!
On This Free Red Star Tuition Presentation, You Will Learn About:
  •  The personal story of Jeevan Singh and how he went from a cash-strapped university student to creating a 6 figure tutoring business from home. 
  •  The huge potential of the private tuition industry and why it's the best time to enter it now (The average hourly rate is now £40 per hour - almost double what it was in 2012!)
  •  How to charge higher fees than your local competitors.
  •  How to get started straight away and have high paying clients from day one, even if you have no experience.
  •  How to position yourself as a top tutor so parents will put you at the top of their list.
  •  The full details of a Red Star Tuition License and everything that's included (you will even get a brand new laptop and smartphone)
Red Star Tuition Offers The Opportunity To Build A Business That Will Allow You To:
  •  Increase your monthly family budget.
  •  Work from the comfort of your own home.
  •  Achieve a perfect balance between work and family life.
  •  Operate a proven business model that you can start straight away
  •  Be in complete control of your future by becoming your own boss.
  •  Achieve self-satisfaction and fulfillment by improving kid's lives in you local area.

"Your advice is brilliant. I would highly recommend anybody who is looking to start a tutoring business to work with Jeevan..." 

Victoria Olubi - CEO & Founder of The Tutoress
The Story Of Red Star Tuition:
The founder of Red Star Tuition, Jeevan Singh, started his tuition business in 2012.  Early on, he struggled and he even considered giving it all up due to:
  •  Local tutors under-cutting each other and reducing hourly rates to unsustainable levels.
  • Wasting hours every week on the phone "hard-selling" to parents in order to persuade them to choose his tuition service
  •  Students not turning up or dropping out all-together without notice
  •  Expensive advertising costs that were not generating near enough customers 
In the end, he decided to persevere. He became a student of marketing and set about finding an answer to these problems. In a very short space of time, he had turned his business around. Within a year, he had set the foundations of a six-figure a year business. Here is the kind of results he started achieving:
  •  He started charging more than double the prices as compared to his local competitors yet he still attracted more clients to his business.
  •  He flipped the typical sales process on its head and the only time he ever spoke to a parent on the phone was when they were virtually ready to sign-up with him
  •  Students started turning up on time and hardly ever dropped out
  •  A blend of unique and cost-effective marketing strategies started generating customers, almost at will, without any hard selling.
In 2017, with a desire to expand into other areas and work with other like-minded individuals, he decided to license his entire brand, resources and business model. Due to the uniqueness and the vast success of this business model, this is probably the most exciting opportunity available right now in the education niche.
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